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The british journal of psychiatry skip to main page content home current archive feedback subscribe help search for keyword: go advanced search user name password sign in part i. cheap viagra online —original articles relation of histamine headache to post-contusional and psychogenic headache m. Viagra dosage much N. cheap generic viagra Pai , m. viagra for sale B. , m. R. C. Price difference between viagra viagra P. , d. viagra bayer 20 mg preis C. best viagra jokes H. buy viagra pills , d. cheap viagra P. H. viagra versus viagra better , d. viagra versus viagra better T. howtosmudge.com/pjn-can-i-buy-viagra-without-a-prescription-dk/ M. , d. P. M. Neuro-psychiatric centre summary 65 patients with chronic recurrent non-migraine headaches were given sudden intravenous injections of minute doses of minute doses of histamine phosphate. viagra without prescription online usa Of 23 who reported headache, 8 said it was like their usual ache, the rest did not think so. Of 43 men with history of head injury, 13 complained of headache; 5 said it was similar to their habitual headache, and 8 said it was dissimilar. Of 10 men with doubtful history of head injury, 3 reported headache which was unlike their usual ache. Where to buy viagra online safely Among 12 patients with no history of head injury, 3 complained of ache similar to their usual headache, and 4 said it was unlike their usual headache. Histamine given intravenously is of little use for distinguishing post-contusional headache from psychogenic headache. is viagra or viagra more effective ⫠previous | next article table of contents this article the british journal of psychiatry (1945) 91: 213-216 doi: 10. viagra make you last longer 1192/bjp. cheap generic viagra 91. 383. 213 ⻠abstract pdf services email this article to a colleague alert me when this article is cited alert me if a correction is posted alert me when eletters are published similar articles in this journal similar articles in web of science download to citation manager get copyright permission eletters submit an eletter no eletters published citing articles load citing article information citing articles via web of science citing articles via google scholar google scholar articles by pai, m. N. viagra women think Search for related content pubmed articles by pai, m. N. viagra scary movie italy Related content load related web page information this month's issue october 2012, volume 201 issue 4 from the cover ethnic density as a buffer for psychotic experiences: findings from a national surv. cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra

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